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Head of Prosperity and Sustainability

About Tony Blair Institute for Global Change:
Renewing the Centre is the main UK-facing policy and research unit of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. We produce, commission and curate high-quality empirical analysis with a view to developing a radical but practical policy platform to renew the centre ground of politics. With a primary focus on the UK, our aim is to develop an exciting, positive agenda for change to improve people’s lives and strengthen liberal democracy against a rising tide of angry populism.
Focus of the Role:
What should be the role of the state in the market economy? How can we combine prosperity and sustainability? And how do we achieve an economic model that generates inclusive prosperity? After a decade of economic stagnation and growing awareness of ecological perils, these are among the biggest questions for UK politics today.  

The UK’s economic productivity already lagged other major economies before the financial crisis hit. Since then productivity growth has slowed to a crawl. As a result, pay growth has been almost non-existent and macroeconomic performance has been anaemic. At the same time, new research into climate change illustrates that the timescales required for action are much shorter than we had previously thought.

In addition to these challenges, policymakers need to navigate a range of other issues that have emerged or become more salient in recent years: what should we do about the geographic divergence in economic performance across the UK? How can we make sure that consumer markets operate fairly an efficiently as producers gain much more sophisticated means to tailor their prices? And how can we make sure that corporations take a broader view of their responsibilities? These are among the questions that the Prosperity and Sustainability team will address.

About the role

We are looking to hire an exceptional candidate to lead the Prosperity and Sustainability team at Renewing the Centre. Working closely with the Executive Director, the Head of Prosperity and Sustainability will lead the development of an evidence-based narrative and policy agenda for how we can revive the engine of inclusive prosperity while also leading on environmental sustainability. We’re looking for your incisive analysis to develop a sophisticated diagnosis of the challenges, and bold ideas to produce radical but credible policy responses.

As the Head of Prosperity and Sustainability you will have substantial experience of policymaking or analysis in one or more of the core areas of this wide-ranging role.

An experienced policy analyst, you will be adept at producing or commissioning quantitative analysis to guide and justify your policy prescriptions. You will combine a sound grasp of the economic issues and policy detail, giving you credibility with external stakeholders, with a clear sense of the big picture necessary to motivate an exciting centrist political agenda that resonates with voters.

You will lead a small team of policy leads and researchers with expertise in different aspects of this wide-ranging brief and be responsible for giving them strategic direction and support, as well as ensuring that their work adheres to the wider narrative that you will lead the development of.

Close attention to detail and a commitment to excellence will be hallmarks of your work and, as an excellent communicator, you will be adept at conveying complex policy and analysis, as well as its implications, to a wide audience including politicians and the media.

You will also be an agile team player, capable of working with other teams across RTC to bring policy knowledge and analytical skills to augment the wider work of the pillar.

A core aspect of the role involves building relationships with a network of stakeholders across the worlds of policy, politics, the media and academia, both to inform internal thinking and to propagate the resulting policy proposals and maximise their impact.

Job description

Key elements of the role include:

  • Responsible for developing and delivering a coherent, radical centrist agenda relating to productivity and sustainability.
  • Managing the analytical and policy work of a small team, ensuring timely delivery and a high standard of work that coheres within the broader vision for the team.
  • Developing and involving an influential network of external stakeholder and experts to maximise impact on the wider economic policy debate.
  • Conceiving and developing panel events and seminars with external experts to inform the Institute’s thinking.
  • Commissioning and managing analytical work with external specialists.
  • Developing radical and credible policy ideas grounded in robust analysis.
  • Writing compelling reports that elucidate the policy challenges and solutions.
  • Contributing to the work of other teams within RTC.
  • Representing TBI in the media and other public forums.
What We Look For in Our People:
  • A passion for using analysis and creativity to provide radical policy solutions that can help to revitalise the centre ground of politics.
  • Strong experience of working in one or more policy areas that are directly relevant to this brief, such as industrial strategy, regulation, consumers and corporate responsibility, together with a grasp of the wider issues that touch on the productivity and sustainability agendas.
  • Ability to use and develop or commission robust quantitative analysis to motivate your analysis and policy proposals.
  • Willingness and ability to cultivate a network of key stakeholders to assist in the development of the Institute’s thinking and the impactful dissemination of its emerging views.
  • Creativity to produce radical but practical solutions backed by rigorous analysis.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • At least ten years of post-graduate work experience as a policy advisor or researcher in a government, think tank, academic or consulting environment, including experience at a senior level.


  • Familiarity with the productivity and industrial strategy agenda of the past 20 years.
  • Management skills.
  • Media experience.
  • A record of thought leadership.
  • A postgraduate degree in economics or a related social science.

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