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Senior Fellow in Health Policy

Head Office - United Kingdom
About Tony Blair Institute for Global Change:

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to making globalisation work for the many, not the few.

The Institute works to provide new thinking on policy and strategy to tackle the big challenges of global well-being in the twenty-first century:

  • Governance, and the institutions necessary to enjoy the benefits of a global economy and share them equitably among citizens.
  • Extremism, and the threat to the co-existence and cultural open-mindedness essential for social integration.
  • Conflict, and the entrenchment of sectarianism that paralyses progress, particularly in the Middle East.
  • Populism, and the in urgent need of a new progressive agenda among established democracies.

Renewing the Centre (RTC) is a research and public policy program within TBI that aims to address the long-term challenges to liberal democracy.

At RTC, we aim to formulate a new vision of globalization that maintains openness while responding to the economic, cultural, and political challenges that openness presents.

Our approach involves not only identifying the policies that can address voters’ discontent, but also developing strategies for communicating those policies across divided societies. By building new coalitions for reform, RTC aims to rekindle the politics of optimism across the liberal democratic world.

Focus of the Role:

RTC is looking for a Health Policy Fellow to join its core policy team. This role can be based in either London or Washington D.C.

RTC is interested in the intersection of health and liberal democracy. Declining access to affordable health care has not only engendered a crisis of living standards. It has also reduced citizens faith in the ability for democracies to deliver basic goods, and it has inflamed social conflict over which groups have rights to those goods. While new technologies have radical potential to improve the delivery of healthcare, the politics of reform continue to lag behind. As the pace of demographic change accelerates, a new approach to health policy is essential.

Fellows are therefore expected to take a broad approach to healthcare provision — focusing not only on technical challenges like cost, quality, and access, but also on political challenges of delivering healthcare reform, developing policy solutions for an ageing population, and renewing citizen support for democratic governance, in turn.

The duties of the Health Policy Fellow include:

  • Develop a research programme to address the diverse challenges of health care provision in the twenty-first century.
  • Write reports and briefs that communicate new frameworks, approaches, and policy solutions to these challenges.
  • Examine the link between health and the rise of populism across national contexts.
  • Lead the public conversation on international developments in health policy and outcomes.
  • Work closely with RTC policy team to connect health with other strategic areas like technology and equitable growth.
  • Work with the Executive Director to disseminate the Centres policy solutions and engage the public.
  • Manage Junior Researchers


What We Look For in Our People:

Candidates must have both deep knowledge of the health policy space, and a broad view of the relationship between these policies and the international challenges to liberal democracy. Qualifications include:

  • Being a leading expert in the health policy field, with a proven record of designing innovative and actionable policy solutions.
  • Extensive experience in government, think-tank work or academic research.
  • Extensive writing experience, for both policy and general audiences.
  • International orientation, familiar with the comparative politics of healthcare.
  • Relevant advanced degrees.

How to apply

In order to apply you are required to complete an online application form which includes uploading your CV (no longer than 2 pages) and completing a 300 word personal statement explaining why you want to work at TBIGC and your suitability to the role. The deadline for this role is 7th June 2018, please apply before this date.

To apply please visit our website and apply through the careers portal: 


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